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Abrasive Safety Training
The improper use, handling and storage of Abrasive products can lead to serious and sometimes fatal accidents. This has been recognised in the UK and is now covered by legislation. This legislation makes it a legal requirement that operators, and those involved in the use of Abrasive Wheels are properly trained.
ABTAC can provide a range of tailored training programmes, Accredited by the BAF (British Abrasives Federation), which will ensure that employers meet their legal obligations and equip their employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely use Abrasives.
ABTAC will ensure that all participants have fully understood each section of the course and that they can fully meet all the requirements of the Regulations, Standards and Codes of Practice relevant to the
safe use of Abrasives.
Course Content:
•     A comprehensive set of BAF approved course notes for each trainee.
•     Hazards associated with the use of abrasive wheels
•     Types and design of wheels
•     Inspection, testing and storage
•     Mounting of wheels
•     Ensuring a safe working environment
•     PPE
•     Safe use of abrasive wheels
•     A test at the end of the course to ensure the participant has
      understood the content.
Course is suitable for:
Anyone who comes into contact with Bonded Abrasives (i.e. Grinding Wheels, Cutting Discs), or who is responsible for those who do.

Upon successfully passing the test, each participant will receive a dated BAF accredited certificate.

Takes Place:
On your site.
Cost or further information::
ABTAC do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to training as all Organisations have different requirements, so contact ABTAC today and we ’ll be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

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Abrasive Safety Training
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